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We are offering free hearing aid batteries to those in need. Click here to contact us for more information.

      Virtual Care

      Hearing Aid Virtual Care

      Enjoy all the benefits from device adjustments without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home! By using the compatible app downloaded to your smartphone, the team at United Hearing is able to connect with you to conduct remote adjustments to your hearing devices.

      All You Need is a Smartphone

      Download our app, and you’re on your way to embracing your remote care!

      With your permission, the app utilizes your phone’s camera so that you can see us and we can see you; almost as if you were sitting in our office! Your hearing aids are connected to your phone, and as we make changes from our office the app will communicate with your hearing device to make the adjustments in real-time!

      Enjoy the Benefits of Virtual Care

      No time off work, no need to sit in traffic or figure out transportation! It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s convenient for you…because at United Hearing, we believe that hearing should be effortless.

      Ready for Better Hearing?

      Do you have questions or concerns? Let us give you peace of mind!

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      Hearing Is Essential


      We are classified as an essential business and taking additional precautions necessary to provide safe, sanitary services. To learn more about the precautions we are taking, please click here. We are available by appointment only.

      We will be providing in-office, mobile and telecare services at this time, please call us today at (208) 229-3238 if you need assistance today.