Let’s get honest…what do hearing aids actually cost?

Let’s face it, when we research the cost of hearing aid costs and see the price tag, it can be a little disheartening, discouraging or even downright frustrating. To most people hearing aids are their third largest single purchased item that they will face in their life time, behind their house and car. Hearing aids are an important investment into not just a patients hearing healthcare, but their entire overall health. These are devices you’ll be wearing all day, every day, seven days a week. When you purchase hearing aids, it’s essential to be sure the money and time spent is well worth it. To give you an actual hearing aid price is tricky without evaluating the a patient because it is necessary to learn more about your hearing loss situation, your lifestyle, and individual needs. We would be happy to speak with you and help you find hearing aids that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Why are hearing aids so dang expensive?

Hearing Aid CostsUnfortunately it takes time, money, research, testing and training hearing aid specialists to properly test, fit, adjust and fix each individual manufacturers specific hearing aid requirements. This is also in addition to understanding, each and every patients activity levels, their hearing needs, their expectations for the hearing aids themselves and implementing the appropriate hearing technology for the greatest benefits to the patient.

Here’s another way to think about the price of hearing aids. If your hearing aids cost $4800, and they have a life expectancy of five years, they will cost you $960 per year, $80 per month or $2.66 per day. In other words, while the total amount is high, the ongoing usage price is reasonable. Monthly, it is about what you would pay to get satellite or cable television. Daily, it’s less than the cost of a mocha at your favorite coffee shop. When you consider the communication, relationship and health benefits you get from wearing hearing aids, most people agree that it is well worth it.

our solemn promise to you

Hearing Aid CostsAt United Hearing Healthcare, we understand the sacrifice and self-investment our patients make to better their hearing healthcare, quality of life, working careers and relationships. This why we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality hearing aids for well below industry standards and well below anyone else in the Treasure Valley.

Our number one goal at United Hearing Healthcare is to serve our community first and foremost, not to make a quick buck. We aim to meet all budgets, all financial situations and work to improve everyday to provide the best overall hearing healthcare experience. Along with the purchase of our hearing aids you will receive a comprehensive service package that is second to none that includes programming adjusts, office visits, a 3 year warranty (regardless of what level of hearing aids purchased), batteries, any hearing aid style, always friendly customer service and an understanding that no matter what, we will take care of our patients

Should I purchase hearing aids?

When you decide whether or not to spend the money you have worked so hard for on hearing aids; we would like you to consider the financial impact of not spending that money on hearing aids. It is almost impossible to put a price tag on the missed conversations with your spouse, family, friends and colleagues. Also missing if you have hearing loss are some of the beautiful and important sounds of life: the laughter of your grandchildren, the delightful birds singing out your window, the light raindrops hitting your jacket as it begins to rain , a knock on your front door or even the doorbell, the timer on your oven or the simple sounds of I love you from a loved one.

If you are still working, you are also losing money due to your hearing loss. A study by the Better Hearing Institute looked at more than 40,000 households and found that untreated hearing loss reduced income on average by $12,000 per year and on the high end, up to $30,000 a year. The good news is that wearing hearing aids can mitigate the effects of that by 50%. That’s a good return on your investment.

Lastly, untreated hearing loss is linked to other health conditions such as dementia, depression, high blood pressure and increased risk of trips and falls. It’s even been shown that untreated hearing loss results in higher overall healthcare costs. Hearing aids are not simply a commodity but a necessity for the betterment of your overall health.

Hearing Aid Costs

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