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For over 30 years, we have worked diligently to build a reputation built on trust, education, and quality of hearing healthcare.


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At United Hearing healthcare, we strive to give each patient the individualized hearing health care that will most improve his or her quality of life.

Choose the Best Products for Your Lifestyle and Budget

At United Hearing Healthcare, we offer a variety of vital hearing healthcare services. Whether you need your first hearing test, a hearing aid fitting or in-home services, our professionals are proud to offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of hearing aid styles and technology, so you will be assured of finding just the right device to meet all of your needs, including your budget.

Modern Hearing Aids We carry most major manufacturers including Signia, Phonak, ReSound, Starkey, Widex, Oticon and Unitron, ensuring we can help you choose the devices that will work best for your hearing loss.

Bluetooth and Wireless Connectivity is available so you can audio stream from your Smart Phone or TV into your hearing device. Some devices now connect to your smartphone via an app too!

Assistive Listening Devices such as remote controls, and amplified telephones, are available.

In-Home Services We offer hearing tests, hearing aid repairs, and re-programmings right from the comfort of your own home for our home bound patients.

  • I am writing this to express my gratitude to Rick Fauvor and United Hearing Healthcare for the new life of hearing and health they have given to me. As part of my employment evaluation for a new job, I was told I needed to get hearing assistance in order to keep up and understand the dialogue at meetings. I went to see Rick and his amazing team, where they fitted me with not just hearing aids but a different perspective on the world around me. I can hear my grand kids, go to the movies, and have gained a new sense of self and confidence in communicating with others because I can hear the conversation in its entirety. If Rick and his team at United Hearing Healthcare had not taken the time to educate, test and fit me for hearing aids; I do not think I would have the quality, comfort and confidence I have today. I simply cannot thank United Hearing Healthcare enough for the life they have given back to me.

  • The wonderful team at United Hearing Healthcare fitted my husband with much needed hearing aids. I can not say it enough the difference they have made in our life. I no longer have to repeat myself to him anymore and now when I ask him to take out the trash, I know he can hear me. All joking aside I can not thank the staff at United Hearing Healthcare for their support and excellent service in guiding us through the entire process. Thank you so much for giving my husband his life back!

  • I want to thank United Hearing Healthcare for changing my hearing world and life. I never realized exactly how bad my hearing had become until after the exam. I live a very active life style and love being outside. After being fitted with my new hearing aids, I was amazed at the new tiny and exciting sounds that I could now hear. When I am having a conversation a waitress, I can hear the words clearly as she takes my order or easily hear the words spoken in a noisy place. United Hearing Healthcare made the whole process professional and took the time to explain everything and answering all of my questions. I highly recommend them to anyone experiencing hearing loss or any hearing issues. You will not regret it!   Thank You again United Hearing Healthcare.  



Hearing is a critical element of effective communication and a major part of everyday life. Although hearing loss is a common problem in people of all ages, many choose not to address their hearing loss. Such neglect can impact health in many different ways.


Healthy hearing is imperative for:

Effective Communication

Quality of Life

Remaining Steady on Your Feet

Postponing Dementia

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